Airplane Advertising

Ever thought of making your brand so premium, it majestically flies across the skies? Airplane branding takes your advertising game to another level, where in your brand message is targeted to upscale audiences. With airplane advertising it is possible to reach out to both domestic and international travellers, establishing yourself as a high end brand. The increase of airline travellers makes inflight advertising a valuable branding solution.

Why choose Airplane branding? Airline advertising offers many innovative choices that yield a great value, as airline travel can be typically lengthy. A normal flight could range anywhere from 1-18 + hours of travel, giving you enough time to capture the audience attention. Many privately owned airlines in India now offer interesting advertising options like in flight magazines, full flight wrap, advertising on meal trays etc.

Advantages of Airplane branding:

Get your ad to the right audiences
Build Brand credibility
Target domestic and international travellers
Engagement driven sales
Increase brand visibility

Types of Airline Advertisement options:

Aircraft Exterior Wrap: The sky is your canvas and the airplane is your brush. Your brand becomes the ruler of the skies, when we wrap the whole aeroplane with your advertisement.

Seatback devices: A good way of capturing audiences attention when they sit back and relax.

Meal Tray Graphics ( inside and outside):

Your advertisement is pasted on the meal tray. A closed meal tray will have advertising material on the back of the meal tray so the ad is still on display even when the tray is stowed away.

Overhead bins: A great way to grab audience attention is to advertise on something, they won’t fail to notice. The overhead storage compartments, can have a series of different Ads for your brand, making the ad noticable and easier to recall.

Bulkhead walls: These walls separate the different cabins in an aeroplane. There are two walls in the front of the airplane and two at the rear end.

Skyline Panels: These panels are strategically placed on the sides of the plane near the lights. They run in a line from cabin to cabin. Can be used to promote different features of a single brand.

Product sampling: Want to give the passengers a first hand experience of your brand? Handing out product samples can be an engaging way to connect with the audiences.

Meal Tray cards: A credit card like advertising material will be handed to the passengers along with their meal.

Beverage cups branding: Thinking of a good innovative airplane advertising solution? Think, beverage cups. Not only do they capture the passengers attention, they make a lasting impression too.

Headrest covers The headrests are a good place to advertise, like seat backs they are impossible to ignore. A catchy message on the headrest can be a good attention seeker, long after the flight has landed.

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