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About Theatre branding in India, Be it a new movie, shopping, or just a casual day out, Malls are the favorite place to go for people wanting to spend some relaxed time with friends and family. Being in urban Indian cities and not going to a Mall at least once in a month, is totally not possible.
Mall advertising, is not a new concept, ever since mall culture came to India in the early 2000s, advertising has been the number 1 revenue generator for malls, apart from renting out to brands and cinemas.
Mall advertising includes the usage of dedicated advertising spaces, in and around the mall, to attract viewership of the visitors. With Mall advertising, it is possible to reach to people from all walks of life, who have an eye for trending brands.

Why Mall advertising?

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Types of Mall advertising: Mall advertising gives you a lot of options, for varied types of advertisements. These creative and innovative ad spaces, come with different prices, and are well suited to meet your defined requirements.
The most common type of mall advertising options are:

Standees Standees are advertising displays which are self standing, and intelligently kept in places where people would notice them.

Drop down Banners: These banners are suspended from the ceiling, and are very large in size and noticeable.

Backlit Signages: These signages will be at prominent locations in and outside the mall, to garner audience attention.

Facade: These signages are plac:ed on the exterior of the all, are very huge in size and cannot go unnoticed when entering or exiting the mall.

Glase Lift shaft: The advertisement: will be displayed on the lift exterior, which is visible to mall visitors when the left goes up and down.

Glass Branding: Dedicated signage glasses will be provided for branding by the mall. These glasses wil give a sleek look to your ads.

Table tops: The advertisement will be shown on Glass tops of tables set up in the food court.

Boom Barriers: The barrier which stops parked vehicles from leaving without payment of parking fee, will be branded with your advertisement

Flag poles: These poles display your advertisement outside the mall, noticeable to incoming crowd.

Steps in Execution:

Step 1: Select the type of Mall advertising option according to your requirement, your campaign duration and launch date, Number of Units( of media option) required, and the Location where you want your ad to be displayed. If you need help with understanding and planning you mall advertising activities, feel free to drop us a mail at

Media Option Flagpoles
Number of Units 20
Location Entrance
Campaign Duration 1 Month/ 2 Months/ 3 Months
Campaign Start Date 1st Jun/ 5th Jul/ 10th Aug

Step 2: Email the filled table to us at or call us at +91 80 48535443 for further assistance.

Step 3: Upon ad space availability, and after checking for discounts, we will send you a quote.

Step 4: After confirming, you can submit the ad design and make the payment to get your campaign started.

How will I know if my Ad has been placed?
The images of the ad after will be sent to you after 2 working days.

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